• Our Vision

    Our Vision

    Family Vocation Ministries envisions 10 to 20 years in the future to witness a substantial increase of vocations to the priesthood and the consecrated life. The ministry also aspires to sow an increase of awareness regarding the importance of family life.

  • Join Our Ministry

    Join Our Ministry

    Membership in Family Vocation Ministries is free. As members, families will receive periodical updates of our apostolate and ministry. Catholic material will also be distributed to help promote holiness among families.

  • The New Evangelization

    The New Evangelization

    "In ordinary preaching, the life of the evangelical counsels and the religious state should be treated more frequently. Parents, too, should nurture and protect religious vocations in their children by instilling Christian virtue in their hearts." -Perfectae Caritatis

  • Family Vocation Days

    Family Vocation Days

    The objective of the vocation days is two fold: first, to pray, to familiarize, and to catechize the faithful in the topic of religious vocations; secondly, to help families answer the universal call to holiness. All people regardless of vocation, age and gender, are invited to come and experience the vocation day.

Welcome to Family Vocation Ministries

Amidst a time of significant decline in religious vocations to the Priesthood and Consecrated Life, Family Vocation Ministries answers the call of Jesus Christ and Holy Mother Church to pray for an increase of religious vocations.

Family Vocation Ministries is dedicated to the Holy Family
of Jesus, Mary and Joseph. It is under the patronage of the
Foster Father of Jesus, St. Joseph, and is consecrated to the
Blessed Virgin Mary under the title of “Queen of Families.”